Self-Awareness Hacks For Anxiety Free Living

Self-Awareness Hacks For Anxiety Free Living

That mild feeling of unease that you sometimes feel in the pit of your stomach can blossom into severe anxiety if you choose to ignore it. The unsettled feeling is occasionally accompanied by an annoying little inner voice that passes judgment onto everything that you do or say. The inner critic loves to play out imaginary scenarios that are embellished with disappointments, arguments and disagreements with others so that you become distracted from your innate sense of inner calm and joy.

If we avoid awareness mentally, such as by choosing to switch off feelings and emotions, we lose connection with our body awareness. When this happens, we become unaware of the suppressed amount of stress that is building and by the time it becomes noticeable, it is usually hard to locate the origin and can bombard and paralyse you.

Getting rid of self-doubt, negative thinking, limiting self-beliefs and old patterns of behaviour is liberating. With a few easy life hacks, you can turn down the volume on negativity and positively raise the stress and anxiety-free vibe.

Quite to the contrary, ignorance is not bliss.

Change Your Mind

Although it sounds nuts, you don’t have to believe everything that you think! If you want to achieve inner peace and calm, you need to start by changing your mind. Your thoughts are the manifestations of your feelings. Tune into your feelings to shift your mindset into a more positive place; feelings are meant to be felt.

Hack 1: Check-In Time

Regularly checking in with yourself helps you become mindful of the negative self-talk that you usually accept as truth. During the course of the day, schedule in plenty of mini ‘check-in’ appointments with yourself so that you can concentrate on how you’re feeling and what your inner critic is saying.

Every time that you ‘check-in’, mentally tick off a point of awareness. Tune into your feelings and connect your thoughts with a particular word. Ask yourself: “What is my inner voice saying?” If your mind automatically jumps to something you watched on TV last night, say the word “TV” to acknowledge the thought and bin it.

The more random thoughts that you bin throughout the day, the lighter your mood and the clearer your mind will become.

Hack 2: Hop-On The Elevator

Whenever you’re feeling anxious, stressed, nervous or worried, you can easily flip your thoughts and emotions with this neat lifehack.

Imagine getting into a glass elevator and slowly riding it to the top of a skyscraper building. As the elevator begins its ascent, look down below and see your concerns getting smaller and smaller on the ground level.

A higher perspective shifts your thinking so that the things that were troubling you instantly lose their power to detrimentally affect your mood and day.

You can use this technique on anything that you want to alter your perspective on.

Hack 3: The Script

Imagine that your crippling feelings of anxiety can be collected up and printed in script form for you to view at the end of the day.

How long or short is this script likely to be?

Do you only have a few minor issues troubling you? Or is your head filled with a whirl of never-ending concerns that permanently make you feel anxious, stressed or worried? Be honest with yourself and pay attention to critical, negative and harsh self-talk.

Imagine anxiety lifting off your body and transferring in word form onto a printed script. What words do you automatically associate with your feelings of anxiety? Can you spot your negative pattern of thinking in the script?

Now it’s time for the edit and rewrite!

Replace negative words with positive alternatives to help you shift your mindset. Write yourself an anxiety-free script for happy and carefree living.

Although these types of activities may feel quite foreign and difficult, to begin with, the more we practice this way of being, the more natural it will become. Before too long, you’ll be living in the moment with full awareness and accepting of everything that arises.

Charlene Dandoulis

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