Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Admittedly, they are gorgeous but give me an Amethyst or Rose quartz any day!

Before I even knew the full story of crystals and how/why they worked – I was drawn to them; there was a magnetic pull, seducing me with their raw energetic beauty. Little did I know the full potential and power these magical gifts of the Earth truly harnessed.

So here’s a little introduction into getting to know about crystals, the start of what will most likely end up a beautiful obsession and how you can begin to incorporate them into your life.

Crystals are gorgeous natural minerals that have formed and developed over thousands of years; a tangible conduit of reconnection between our vibration and the Earths. Not only are they alluring to the eye, but they also possess the power to harness and conduct energy. Every crystal has its unique characteristics and healing properties. Their subtle but potent energies can heal and impact your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual state and wellbeing. Crystals are vessels allowing positive energy to flow and negative energy to flow out.

Try it - hold a crystal in your hand, feel its elusive vibration mysteriously but powerfully emanate, affecting your feelings, attitude and the energetic ebb and flow within the body. 

When placed in your personal space, crystals can also absorb and diffuse energy, clearing your environment from anything unwanted, opening up vibrational space, and creating both aesthetic beauty and tranquillity around you.

If you’re interested in learning more about these enchanting gems you can easily do some research to find out which crystal’s healing properties are most aligned with you and your needs. Trust your intuition when choosing, let them speak to you. If you are drawn to a certain one, chances are it’s the one you currently need.

Different types of crystals:

Before you start working on connecting to the energy of crystals, it’s useful to identify the different types that are available.

  • Chunks
Compact and solid in shape with no notable facets, crystal chunks make great portable healing stones to place inside your pocket.
  • Clusters
Crystals that are embellished with naturally grown smaller crystals attached are known as clusters; these are great for space cleansing.
  • Cut Crystals
Cut and polished crystals often contain amplified energy.
  • Single terminated wands
Elongated crystals that are pointed at one end and have a smooth rounded or rough tip are perfect for cleansing, healing and meditation practice.
  • Tumbled stones
Small mineral gems that have been tumbled until smooth make excellent beginner crystals.

Crystal Energy

The energies of crystals work differently for everyone. When you begin working with crystal energy, you may not initially be able to pick up the subtle charge. With practice over time, you’ll be able to identify the unique energies of different crystals; it takes patience and quietening of the mind.

Energy amplifiers pick up on the vibration of thoughts, attitudes, emotions and intentions around them. So simply by believing in what they are doing, you are cultivating that frequency even further; a test conducted by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel gave evidence to this theory. Whilst watching crystals grow under a microscope, he found that their shape took form into whatever he was thinking about! How amazing is the power of intention and thought!? Everything around us, including ourselves, has a vibrational frequency which attracts the same frequency. Therefore, essentially you create what you think. The intention is everything! I would recommend reading about Marcel’s research and accomplishments if you want to find out more!

There are many thoughts on ways to cleanse crystals. As they are extremely sensitive to energy, they can easily absorb unwanted collected energy. I feel that intention is stronger than any physical ritual. I find pairing a physical cleansing with intent a beautiful ritual.

Here are some options (but there are many more):

  • Leaving out in the sunlight or moonlight for 5 or so hours to clear and recharge
  • Spray or immerse in sea or saltwater
  • Smudging (burning options like sage or frankincense surrounding crystals amongst the smoke)
  • Burying them in the soil to ground them.

Most importantly focus on the Crystal, take a slow, deep breath in to clear it and then pulse your breath out with a burst through the nostrils. Visualise the energy being cleared while doing so.

Wake up the chakras in your hands by rubbing them together to get the energy flowing. You may feel warmth or a tingling sensation. 

To then charge and reprogram a crystal for personal healing use, hold it in your hand and set the intention of filling it up with love, gratitude and wellbeing. Again, breathe in these intentions and hold your breath while concentrating on this feeling. Pulse your breath out, this time directing the love, gratitude and wellbeing at the crystal.

Love is the highest of all vibrations; to quote Marcel “love is the glue of the universe”. All that originates in love is healing in my eyes so charging it with this intention, in my opinion, sets the course for its use.

Hold the crystal in your hands and tune into its unique vibration, pay close attention to subtle feelings that you sense. Notice how your body feels, are you hot or cold? Grounded or spacey?

Check your emotions too and tune into your mental wellbeing. Is your mind clear or cluttered?

The crystal you’re holding is drawing your attention to things that need healing or releasing. Hold the crystal against your heart chakra (located directly above the heart) and ask it to show you how it can help you. Your divine intuition will interpret the feelings and sensations so that you can physically, mentally or emotionally heal.

You and your crystal work together.

Once you have listened to its intuitive guidance, sent your intention with it. Tell it what you want it to work with while giving it direction and laser-like focus and it will amplify and cohere whatever you tell it. In taking a moment to pinpoint what precisely you want to work on, you are also being present and honest with yourself and set that internal dialogue into your own subconscious to work on.

Talk to your crystal, be it out aloud or internal dialogue. Connect with it. Align with one another.

At the end of the day, there are no rules. Have a play and see what you naturally are drawn to. At the very least, it will bring some mindfulness and beauty into your day and who doesn’t need that!

If you think crystals rock as we do, we would love to hear what your favourites are and how/why you use them! Comment below!

Charlene Dandoulis

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