Rose Quartz Crystal Straw

Rose Quartz Crystal Straw

We have taken the humble straw and remastered it into a wand of magic, power and reflection of love; for both ourselves and the planet.

$ 45.00 AUD

Amplifiers of intent, crystals allow us to harness and absorb the full power of high vibrational energy.

Drink in the beautiful healing energy of Rose Quartz,  immersing yourself in its abundance of unconditional love, nourishment and compassion.

With respect, love and care for our beautiful planet, Avow is proactive in the move away from single-use plastics to more sustainable living.


  • Individually hand-carved and polished natural rose quartz
  • Food grade stainless steel straw with beautiful rose gold finish
  • Straws measure 200mm length and 8mm in diameter
  • Crystal measures 45mm x 25mm approximately

As each crystal used is natural and unique in its own perfect beauty,  please be aware the colour of each crystal will vary slightly.

Immunity, Womens Reproductive Health, Gut Health, Adrenals + Stress, Strength + Muscle Tone, Energy + Endurance, Hormone Balance, Weight Management, Collagen production for healthy skin, hair and nails.

Your crystal straw has 2 unscrew points for easy and thorough cleaning.

We recommend you wash all components separately by hand with warm, soapy water before using.

As with any stone, crystal or gem, please, handle your crystal with care, to avoid chipping.

Always check your crystal prior to use for any loose fragments.

We recommend you wash all components separately by hand with warm, soapy water before using.

Please keep the bottle at room temperature and do not freeze.

As with any stone, crystal or gem, please handle your crystal with care, to avoid chipping.

Always check your crystals and bottle before use, for any loose fragments.

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Natural Marine-derived multi-mineral complex, rich in bioactive calcium to support growing bones and support structural formation, magnesium and 72 other trace minerals. Bones protect the organs and ground the body to the earth. Maintaining strong and healthy bones is essential across all ages and supports an active lifestyle. The body is constantly repairing and making new bones and calcium is one of the essential minerals to help this process.


Pure water extracted Alma provides an abundance of nutrients to support all stages of life. Exceptionally high amounts of Vitamin C Support immune health, cellular regeneration and the healthy growth of skin, hair and nails as well as efficient Iron and folate absorption and also helps to ease constipation, reduce morning sickness and assists in reducing the risk of gestational diabetes.


Ginger is known for its myriad of health-promoting properties especially for its anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidants effects. Ginger is also fantastic at supporting digestive health and has been used for its anti-nausea properties. Ginger is fantastic at supporting women through morning sickness (all day sickness) pregnancy-related nausea, vomiting and tummy upsets. Ginger is also known for its antimicrobial effects and support cardiovascular health. Ginger has also been used as an anti-microbial and provides protection against pathogens entering the digestive system. Ginger also aids as a beautiful digestive enzyme.


Rich water-extracted natural source of Vitamin E. Provides an essential source of carotenoids which are critical for development and growth, immunity, antioxidants and healthy blood cells and preserving cellular health.


Who would have thought, hey? This digestive friendly source of natural iron (compared to synthetic iron supplementation) is traditionally used to support energy levels and balance blood sugar levels. Curry leaves also contain high levels of antioxidants to support overall health and wellbeing.


Pure water extracted Guava is rich in Vitamin C iron, calcium and many essential minerals, supporting the production of collagen and maintaining supple healthy skin (hello growing belly and boobs), hair and nails. Abundant in nutrients, vitamins, carotenoids, polyphenols and antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.


A biggie, when it came to our formulation for the myriad of exceptional health benefits. We intentionally sourced 2 vegan strains LA -14 and BI-04, both essential in supporting mother, not only for gut health but also immunity and mental health. These help to build growing baby's gut microbiome, Reducing infection, risk of allergies and immune-based conditions.

Lactobacillus acidophilus: One of the most common bacteria found in the human intestinal tract. This probiotic supports gastrointestinal health by stopping the adherence of pathogens in the gut. Beneficial probiotics also support the body’s immune defence system. Probiotic bacteria have the ability to modulate immune functions and improve the response to infections and reduce the risk of allergies and immune-based conditions. This probiotic helps with the synthesis of nutrients in the large intestine and is fantastic and helping reduce signs and symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Having a large diversity of beneficial microbes is essential for the over-all wellbeing of mother and baby and supports not only the digestive tract but mental health conditions also. Supporting the mother with good bacteria levels while pregnant helps to build a growing baby’s gut microbiome.

Bifidobacterium BI-04: This strain of probiotic supports immune function, helps regulate and improve gastrointestinal function and helps protect the gut from the use of antibiotics. For optimal gut health and digestion, this strain of probiotics helps create diversity in the gut microbiome. About 80% of the immune system cells reside in the gut wall and that is why probiotics are a key component to support the immune system and defence mechanisms.

Bifidobacterium helps to reduce the signs and symptoms of hay fever and upper respiratory tract conditions. Supporting the gut microbiome is an essential link to upper respiratory conditions and immune system functioning.


The building blocks to life, again a no brainer when it came to creating a supplement specifically for fertility and pregnancy! Conscious of the already unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, we chose to steer clear of cheaper sources that create inflammation or irritation within the gut. With that in mind, we use brown rice and hemp. Premium soaked, sprouted and fermented, to naturally release hypoallergenic plant-based protein.  Filled with non-essential and essential amino acids that provide the building blocks to all cells in the body. Essential for repairing DNA cellular damage, repairing and building body tissue and are an amazing source of energy for mother and baby. Essential amino acids are also the precursors for healthy neurotransmitter production. Infants require these essential amino acids for normal human growth.


As mentioned above our choices are extremely conscious and intentional, our Hemp Protein provides premium hypoallergenic complete plant-based protein, containing all of the nine essential amino acids, vital for all bodily functioning and repair, building and maintenance of all cells, tissues and organs. Also extremely high in fibre which is essential for gut microbiome and health, and assisting in pregnancy-related constipation. Hemp also contains 80% polyunsaturated fatty acids which include linoleic acid (omega 6) and alphalinoleic acid (omega 3). This ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 is between 2:1 and 3:1 which is optimal for human and infant health. These essential fats provide anti-inflammatory effects on the human body. Hemp is a highly functional food and provides vast nutritional value to mumma and baby during all stages of trying to conceive, pregnancy and motherhood.


A fantastic blend of superfood properties. Pumpkin seeds help to reduce blood sugar levels, help support immunity, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, support detoxification pathways of the body and support healthy neurotransmitter functioning. Pumpkin seeds contain high levels of zinc that is essential to pregnancy and pre-conception health. Zinc supports the immune system of mum and baby and is an essential mineral for pregnancy as the world health organization suggests that over 80% of pregnant women are zinc deficient or have inadequate amounts in their diet. Zinc aids in protein synthesis, cellular division (essential for pre-conception care), thyroid health and supports normal growth and development during pregnancy. Pumpkin seeds also contain antioxidants. Antioxidants help mop up free radical damage caused by inflammation in the body. Antioxidants also support liver health and detoxification pathways.


Flaxseed meal is an essential ingredient for women’s health due to its phytochemical components and is known as a functional food. A functional food contains bioactive molecules that provide physiological benefits and are essential for improving health and preventing disease. Flaxseed contains active compounds that are high in dietary soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is essential for gut health as it helps feed the beneficial flora of the gut microbiome. Flaxseed flour also contains essential fatty acids ALA that is highly anti-inflammatory. During all stages of mother-hood keeping inflammation down in the body is an absolute must. Flaxseed flour is a beautiful food as medicine ingredient to support these anti-inflammatory pathways of the body.


Extremely high in fibre which in turn has gut-mediated benefits for a healthy digestive system. High fibre helps increase healthy bacteria in the gut that has been shown to reduce cholesterol, help regulate blood sugar levels and support the immune system. Fibre helps to produce short-chain fatty acids and these naturally help repair the large intestine. Increasing fibre helps with bowel motions and increase gut motility. During pregnancy constipation can cause real distress, pea fibre helps to decrease these signs and symptoms and increase gut motility and therefore help support bowel movements.


Magic mushrooms! Noo, not that kind! Mushrooms are a powerhouse of nutrient-dense phytochemicals. They support the immune system, help manage depression, stress and anxiety(mental health of mummas is paramount to us), reduce heart disease and support the management of diabetes signs and symptoms. Powerful Adaptogens, they help the body counteract and adapt to stress, providing anti-anxiety properties to support mental health throughout all stages of life. We all know the negatives effects stress can cause, anything that can help alleviate is a big yes in our book! If that's not impressive enough, they also improve energy levels, gut health and exposure to potential allergies and also provide Vitamin d, b group vitamins, selenium and potassium and are known to increase longevity! Thats a big tick from us!


Traditionally used for 1000s of years and is known well in Ayurvedic medicine. This sacred medicinal plant protects organs and tissues against toxic environmental stress and combats the cellular damage stressors have on the body. A powerful herb that also positively affects memory and cognitive function... hello baby brain support.


Leading the way, Her prenatal is the first to use organic lemon peels to provide naturally occurring, bioactive folates and folinic acid.  Folate is crucial for the health of women preparing the body for and during pregnancy. Preventing birth defects of the baby's brain and spine. High levels of Vitamin C also assists to contribute to the efficient absorption of both iron and folate and also supports cholesterol and blood sugar levels help reduce signs and symptoms of gestational diabetes.


Also known as silica which is a natural molecule made up of silicon and oxygen. Silica is naturally found in the tissue and cells of the human body. Silica has been used to help strengthen hair, skin and nails.


This natural protein originated in West Africa and is isolated from the katemfe fruit. It is used in small amounts to sweeten food naturally and is a great alternative to sugar as it has no adverse side effects and does not interrupt the blood glucose pathway like normal table sugar.

From our founder

Avow are proactive in minimising the use of single-use plastics and doing what we can where and when we can to ensure sustainability and the protection of the environment.

As a result, we have chosen to opt-out of providing single-use plastic scoops in each container and instead, we have lovingly created this beautiful reusable scoop.

Going forward we have many concepts of insight to further this mission within the brand!