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What is Avow Prenatal Protein?

Avow prenatal protein is proudly the first and only 100% naturally derived plant-based vegan prenatal protein powder supplement specifically formulated to meet the increased nutritional needs of women during preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

More than just a prenatal supplement. More than just a protein powder.

Avow Prenatal is a natural alternative for women seeking superior nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It truly is the only supplement of its kind. Not only does it contain 100% of the essential nutrients required during pregnancy, but it also delivers a massive 19.6g of high-quality vegan organic protein per serve PLUS probiotics, essential fatty acids, adaptogens and fibre, just to name a few extras.

Eliminating the need to take countless different supplements, vitamins and minerals.

And best of all; free from any synthetic, made or artificial!

Why is Avow Prenatal different from other Prenatal supplements on the market?

We are 100% naturally derived. Unlike most prenatal supplements, that are produced from man-made synthetic versions of the vitamins and minerals; Avow naturally sources from the abundance that mother nature supplies and that our bodies were designed to consume, absorb, digest and thrive on.

We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our ingredients are easily absorbed and utilised by the body.

We have also added additional superfoods that are not regularly found in general prenatal supplements, to complement and enhance the wellbeing and development during pregnancy.

When can I take Avow Prenatal Protein?

Avow prenatal is designed to consume throughout all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It is advised where possible, Avow should be taken at least 1 month before conception to building up nutritional levels to achieve maximum health benefits and support for both baby and Mumma.

Should I continue to use my prenatal supplement whilst using Avow Prenatal Protein?

Nope! That’s why Avow was created, unimpressed and not feeling great after falling pregnant and using the options of protein and also prenatal supplements that were available at the time, creator and founder Charlene, set out to create her own.

When consumed as directed, in the full 35g serve. Avow protein delivers all the much-needed important vitamins and minerals needed through out pregnancy, plus an impressive addition of ingredients and health benefits not found in most prenatal supplements.

No more juggling multiple supplements, proteins and multivitamins and best of all, no more trying to swallow awful smelling giant tablets!

Why do we use brown rice and hemp protein?

Why is it important to use a prenatal supplement during pregnancy?

Despite our best intentions, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, amongst morning sickness, fatigue, food aversions, and the demands of a new baby and all the chaos in between it can be hard to meet the increased nutritional needs through diet alone.

Taking a Avow prenatal protein bridges the gap and provides an easy and accessible solution to avoid deficiencies and ensure the healthy development and growth of the baby and also the health and wellbeing of mum so that they both thrive during such an important time.

Do your products contain lactose or gluten?

All of the ingredients used in Avow products are gluten, lactose or dairy-free. However, please be aware that the place of manufacturing does process other products that contain gluten, so no guarantee can be made that they are uncontaminated.

How do I best use Avow Prenatal Protein?

Get creative!

Blend it, bake it, roll it into a ball. It can easily be added into your daily routine in any way you desire.

Simply add 2 scoops of Avows reusable serving scoop/35grams to ensure full nutritional value is consumed or you can even have half the serve in the morning and the other half in the arvo for a little pick me up!

We recommend in a nice cold smoothie to keep morning sickness away. But honestly, the sky is the limit! Check the blog for some super smoothie recipes and inspiration.

A few of our other favourite ways are bnto cakes, added to protein balls or even cooked into your porridge, we promise it’s so delicious!

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How should Avow products be stored?

Please ensure you keep the product sealed after every use and kept in a dry, cool area to ensure quality and lifespan of the product.

Why is there no scoop?

Avow are proactive in minimising the use of single-use plastics and doing what we can where and when we can to ensure sustainability and the protection of the environment.

Going forward we have many concepts of insight to further this mission within the brand.

As a result, we have chosen to opt-out of providing single-use plastic scoops in each container.

Instead, we have lovingly created a beautiful reusable scoop which is also available for purchase here.