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Avow ventures where no supplement has gone before.

Avow ventures where no supplement has gone before. Striving to empower women to make informed and educated decisions when addressing their own health and wellbeing. Encouraging women to question what they are putting into their bodies and why. Shocked at the amount of products available that claim to be natural or plant-based, but upon further inspection are not actually natural at all? How can this be acceptable? When we say ‘natural' we mean natural. Real, whole food-derived wholesome goodness, not synthetically created vitamins and minerals. Every. Single. Nutrient. In all Avow products are directly sourced from mother nature. That is the only natural, that is truly natural.

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Her Pre-natal

Her Pre-natal addresses the need for women to have access to premium natural fertility and pregnancy supplements, with complete authenticity and transparency. Supplements formulated to deliver the essential nutritional support and balance to women’s reproductive, hormonal and inner health and life force, naturally, the way intended.

Our unique comprehensive formula has been specifically tailored to nurture the journey of trying to conceive, pregnancy and healthy fetal development. We combine pure Earth intelligence with proven evidence-based nutrition, harnessing the pure potent energy of what mother nature so abundantly provides and delivering the body what it was designed to digest, consume and thrive on!

Jam packed full of nutrient-dense plant-based, probiotic rich, vitamins, minerals and full of essential fatty acid and amino acids, Her Pre-natal delivers an abundance of naturally derived vital nourishment to meet the high nutritional demands of preconception care and to support the mother during all stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy, that are not readily found in all other supplements of its kind.

Pioneering women's health, we additionally include a fundamental mix of protein, probiotics, fibre, omegas, prebiotics, mushrooms and vegan collagen (just to name a few) in addition to what is commonly found in standard fertility and pre-natal and women's wellbeing supplements. And we do this 100% al natural! No nasties, no synthetics, no additives! True alchemy at its finest.

During pregnancy, the female body undergoes numerous physical and hormonal changes that require increased nourishment to support these changes effectively. The way the body is nourished directly impacts the health of not only the mother but also the growing baby. Good nutrition is vital and promotes the baby’s healthy growth and development. We truly have the power to begin to shift the health and wellbeing of generations to come.

Why Avow pre-natal?

Increased nutritional demands during all the stages of motherhood is why this beautiful organic blend of protein and essential nutrients was developed.

All areas of health have been addressed in this superior formula, digestive health, neurological health, immune health, hormonal health and cardiovascular health. Her Pre-natal contains bioactive ingredients that enhance the absorption and utilization of these essential nutrients to maintain the health of mother and the growth of a baby.

Our intelligent formula combines B group complex, amino acids, (essential and non-essential), probiotics, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, complex carbohydrates to support cellular growth, healthy neurotransmitter production, energy metabolism and healthy growth and development of a growing baby.B – group complex vitamins are water-soluble and are extremely important for cellular metabolism, cell growth, the production of red blood cells, brain function and energy production.

Her Pre-natal's unique formula provides a beautiful natural blend of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) supports carbohydrate metabolism and is important for sustained energy release and is also essential for cardiac functions. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) supports the breakdown of carbohydrate, proteins and fats and produces energy from food. Niacin (Vitamin B3) supports mental health flexibility and cognitive functioning. Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) supports healthy hair, skin and nails and is associated with energy production. Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) supports cognitive development and energy production from converting food to energy. Folate (Vitamin B9), not FOLIC ACID (folate’s synthetic counterpart) is also present within the nutritious blend to support pregnancy demands and decrease the risk of birth defects.

These groups of B group vitamins all work together to produce energy in the body and are very important for all stages of a mother’s life.

Ahead of the pack, it was a no brainer to include probiotic rich ingredients to support gastrointestinal health and the immune system by creating diversity in the gut microbiome. This is essential to the development of the baby’s gut microbiome and the immune system once born. We also include plant-based iron sources that are all naturally occurring in the whole food ingredients used in the protein powder. This type of iron does not cause any gastrointestinal irritation (woohoo bye-bye constipation) and provides the mother with sustained energy production throughout pregnancy.

Her Prenatal's high quality easy to digest blend of organic plant-based ingredients ensure the body is receiving the co-factors needed for optimal absorption, metabolism and stability within the bloodstream. Not simply a ‘lab-created supplement' with no real knowing or intention, we strive to offer genuine care and support. Formulated from first-hand experience, compassion and a desire to provide women with all the potential to ensure their journey into motherhood is as pleasant as it can be.

Each ingredient is lovingly and thoughtfully selected to create ease and equilibrium within the body. All working with one another and with the body.

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